…the tree: in five parts (2)

Photo by David Bartus on Pexels.com


Part 2

Roots of the mind

‘…trees utilise roots to extract water and nutrients from the surrounding area, as well as to anchor themselves in the ground. While most water is absorbed by the roots nearest the surface, some trees extend a ‘taproot’ deep into the soil.  Roots can also play a part in reproduction, storing energy and defence, and some types of tree have developed aerial roots or buttress roots that extend from the trunk in order to stabilise themselves.’

The roots of your mind dig deep with tenacity.  Your intellect believes it can solve any problem: philosophical, logical, physical, emotional; the problems of others and of yourself.  Your mind employs Bloom’s Taxonomy:  Knowledge — Application — Analysis — Evaluation — Creation. This is your anchor, your reason and defence.  This is solitude, where the knotty or jagged becomes clear and certain.  Once the truth is found, the solution will evolve.  But, you have discovered, if your truth and the truth of others is different, the solution will remain elusive.

* * *

Next week: Part 3: Crown of Emotions

(Tree quote sourced from Resource Library at International Timber)

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