…the tree: in five parts (3)

Photo by Min An on Pexels.com


Part 3

Crown of emotions

The ‘crown’ of the tree is made up of the branches and leaves. In deciduous trees (those that lose their leaves), there can be hundreds of thousands of leaves. The Royal Forestry Society estimates that a mature oak tree will produce and shed around 250,000 leaves each year.’

Branches of enquiry reach up to gauge the world, but emotions come and go as rhythmically as the leaves.  The truth of this means you have always been unafraid to love, and, of course, you also have your intellect to soothe the pain of loss.  In times of trouble, your mind will make you attentive, showing you the luminous sunset, the soft breeze of spring, the gentle words of a friend, gifts that console the present and nurture the future.  You wonder then, if an oak tree conjures 250,000 leaves a year, how prolific are your emotions?

* * *

Next week — Part 4: Sugar Spirit

(Tree quote sources from Resource Library at International Timber)

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