January 2020
I am sitting in a cafe watching life go on around me.  Outside a dog is barking at no-one in particular, his nose dipping to the football at his feet.  He wants to play, but he’s on a busy road and I’m worried about what’s going to happen to the ball, to the dog.

I return to my screen and try to write, try to condense the events of the past few years into a few pithy and compelling sentences, but all I can think about is the Buddhist idea that right now is the only thing that really matters, and how ‘our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow’.

Right now, I am unemployed after taking redundancy from Bath Spa University.  Right now I miss my job, teaching Creative Writing to young people who are excited, puzzled, worried and curious about the world.  Right now I have landed back in my home town of Frome in Somerset, and I live in a new flat after signing a one year lease.  Right now I have a one year lease and no job.   

I pause and look up from the computer screen. It’s dark outside and the dog has disappeared. I hope he’s gone to play in the park, his owner throwing the ball high and far so he runs with his tongue hanging out, his joy flying and ears flapping.

I look down at the screen again and type…

Right now I’m writing, and that’s all I ever really wanted to do.  So, this is a beginning, and everything else can evolve from right now.  

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