On taking risks…

A couple of weeks ago I posted about what it means to be an amateur, about pushing yourself and trying new things even when you feel out of your depth.  The inspiration behind this was the lovely Justin Timberlake, who said ‘To always be the novice is exciting to me.’

Well, last week I experienced this first hand.  I submitted my first interview with novelist Stewart Foster at the Edinburgh Festival, and it was accepted by the **website IdeasTap.  For anyone who hasn’t visited this website before I urge you to take a look as it’s positively bulging with interesting articles, interviews, competitions and much more.  Not just for writers, it covers the artistic spectrum from acting and performance to art and design, photography and film.

Stewart Foster talks to Sally M Gander at the Edinburgh Festival 2014
Stewart Foster talks about his debut novel, We Used To Be Kings, at the Edinburgh Festival 2014

You can read the interview here.

And a final message to anyone who’s thinking of trying something new but is a little bit scared of plunging into the unknown…

Go on, feel the fear and do it anyway.

**Note:  Sadly IdeasTap, who originally published this article, has now closed due to lack of funding.  Instead you can read the interview on my publications page.

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