The Path To Independence

About a year ago I decided to become an independent writer.  For me the word independent has many connotations, both positive and negative.  It makes me think of being alone, an absence of support, a need for resilience and a determination that can only come from me.  But it also makes me think of freedom, being inContinue reading “The Path To Independence”

When The Cupboards Are Full…

There is an element of feast or famine to the writer’s life that can make even the most resilient lose faith.  Particularly for novelists, there will be many years of writing with blind hope keeping them going and determination that not only will they finish the masterpiece, it will also be published and read byContinue reading “When The Cupboards Are Full…”

The New Publishing Dynamic

What on earth is going on in publishing at the moment? Yes, I know, it’s a question that has no answer so why even bother asking the question, but seriously, what on earth is going on in publishing at the moment? The industry is undoubtedly in a state of flux, with the rise and riseContinue reading “The New Publishing Dynamic”

A Satnav For Life

The last few months I’ve found myself wishing for some kind of device that will tell me the right path to take, some sort of satnav for life, if you like. Whatever you want to do career-wise there will be decisions to make, moments where the path ahead forks with no way of knowing whichContinue reading “A Satnav For Life”