…the spaces you have been, the places you have seen

35. the wedding hallThis is where you first meet.  You are both married.  He is in love with his wife, but you are not in love with your husband.  There is live music and dancing, platters of food and a cake, and afterwards you both continue to be married, you both work at the livesContinue reading “…the spaces you have been, the places you have seen”

…talking about the weather

22. He said, Things must be bad if we’re talking about the weather. As if it doesn’t matter. — But that day you both stopped under the arches where someone had left flowers and he wanted to kiss you, that day was spring warm and the sky was blue like a promise. — The dayContinue reading “…talking about the weather”

…break or be broken

14.Have you ever been in a relationship where the pressure builds incrementally until you want to tear it apart, just to see what remaining fragments are important to you? Have you ever picked a groundless fight, or maintained your rightness when you knew you were wrong, or pushed and pushed to see how far youContinue reading “…break or be broken”