…on not knowing

Photo by Lum3n on Pexels.com


What to do when you’ve said everything but there is still everything to say?  Your mind is both depleted of words and so full you barely know where to begin.  As always the tools are waiting for use, pen and paper, keyboard and screen, but the starting point is elusive, a mere fleeting glimpse.  Instead you sit in the wilderness of not knowing.

You breathe.  You listen to classical music, piano notes that smooth the frayed.  You feel the coiling tensions that have gone unnoticed, and in your space of solitude they begin to unwind, the red of the berries against the rain-dashed window becoming more clear, more vivid. 

In this hung place where a new year begins, you decide not to reach for answers, but instead seek out the questions that need to be asked, having faith that if you search for truth with wandering steps, the truth will come to find you.

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